公 public + 差 difference + 転 change







水曜日 12:00-18:00



167-0041 東京都杉並区善福寺3-2-14善福寺ゴールデンハイツ1F (kumonの隣)

メール: contact@kosaten.org



公 public x 差 difference x 転 change

A place where participants become active subjects, where you can make mistakes, create noise together, connect with community, join in a network of the local and the global and destroy hierarchy, a place made by everyone who comes here!

In a small corner of Zempukuji, Suginami ward, Tokyo, caught on the border of several jurisdictions, there is somewhere that refuses to be one or the other. This intersectional zone welcomes new performative bodies to enact themselves and revel in the evasion of labelling.

Here local people and outsiders, people of all sorts of creativity, knowledge and communication skills come together in a sharing of ideas and action, interacting and dispersing upon their different roads

On first impressions it might look like just a cute space, but it has some venom there somewhere too, so you can decide whether to engage in heated debate or just relax and chill out.

A space to slowly face yourself and others.

It is a place full of contradictions but this also reflects the importance placed on non-categorization.

A space for both noise and quiet, jumping up and getting lost, screaming and whispering.

Opening Times

Open Every Wednesday and Sunday from 12:00-18:00 (time shortened as covid-19 precaution)


167-0041 Tokyo Suginami-ku Zenpukuji 3-2-14 Zenpukuji Golden Heights 1F (next to kumon)

Email: contact@kosaten.org

Kosaten is a 15 min walk from Kamishakujii Station on the Seibu-Shinjuku line. You can also catch a bus from this station (from the south side) in the direction of Nishiogkubo Station and get off at “Zenpukuji” and we are just 1 min from the bus stop.

JR Chuo/Sobu Line Ogikubo Station: Take any bus (except that going to “Minami Zenpukuji”) from Bus stop “No. 0” on the North side of the station. Get off at “Zenpukuji”.

JR Chuo/Sobu Line Nishiogikubo Station: Take any bus from Bus stop “No. 2” from the North side of the station. Get off at “Zenpukuji”. *Please note the Chuo line does not stop at Nishiogikubo station on weekends or holidays (but the Sobu line does)

Important:Kosaten is now more of an accessible space – we have moved to 1st floor and also have a wheelchair accessible toilet and space for diaper changing. There is still more we need to do to make our space open to more people, so if you have any suggestions please let us know!