How to activate the old kosaten?

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How to activate the old kosaten?
So when we emptied all the stuff from the old kosaten to the new one we realized what big, spacious, airy room with a view we had! It is too good to just give up on. Whilst we acknowledge that the space is problematic being on 4th floor with no elevator we throught people of the local neighborhood and those who have been involved in kosaten until now might have a good use for it. A dance studio, music rehearsal space, art atelier, film screeing space, creative shared office, kids play space, hang out for people with learning disabilities, self help groups etc. have all been suggestions. We are also considering the “one day manager” system where anyone could use the space for one day at a time as long as they agree with kosaten principles. Unfortunately we have to cover the cost of the rent for this space, so it will not be avaliable for free, but at a reasonable donation fee request. If you have any suggestions of long term or one day use of this space or the system which can be applied for running it autonomously then we would love to hear from you.
Current facilities
*Sink, *Coffee table, *White board, *Chairs, *Toilet, *Vacuum cleaner, *Electricity/water


We are seeking to maintain the old kosaten space (now named Q-kosaten) in order to promote it as an autonomous platform for those seeking a place to gather for their community activities.  If you are running activities which are engaged in social change, cultural understanding, creative expression, promotion of human rights, overcoming borders, tackling discrimination and/or non-profit in nature (or at least not merely a business venture) we would love you to consider using Q-kosaten. Of course events for children, people of international backgrounds, those with disabilities, those of queer identities are very very welcome. (We apologize however that the space is inaccessible to some by being on 4th floor with no elevator)

What matters to us

If you can identify with these thoughts and can commit to creating a space which protects the dignity and respect of all connected to it then you are welcome to use the space

Thoughts of kosaten

In order to respect eachother

Donate as you like

We would like to make transparent the fees involved in running this space so you can judge for yourself how you wish to donate. The basic rent is 65000 yen per month, but with utility bills, insurance and renewal fees taken into consideration this comes to a total of 80000 yen per month. We would therefore like to ask donations from those who use the space and would like to recommend a donation of the following:

  • 3 hours or less 3000 yen
  • 1 day 6000 yen
  • It may also be possible to use the space on a long term shared basis and to use as a registered address for your organization – please enquire if you have interest in this area

Some considerations

We want to make the events which happen here open to those who may have financial challenges too so we ask that if you plan to make an event which charges an entrance fee that you make 2-3 free or shared tickets available too.

You can reserve the space by contacting

*The space can be used 9:00-22:00 (it is necessary to contact us directly if you wish to use outside of these times)

*It is possible to cancel up to 1 week of your booking. After that then we would ask for a donation to cover the cost

*All rubbish must be taken home with you. It is the responsibility of the user to clean the space after use.