Against an Economy of Violence

Current buzzwords of the post-internet era are those of exchange and sharing, words which suggest an equal footing on both sides, where each is satisfied with what has been presented and received. Yet for all of their soft power, these exchanges entail an integral violence which we are often too keen to ignore. This year’s Radio Kosaten program aims to rethink dominant power structures of economy of “exchange” and “sharing,” which dictate our human relations, reconfigure notions of “give” and “take”, and keep creating semi-chronic wounds of capitalism and (neo-)colonialism which are founded upon exploita- tion hidden behind “progress”. When education and knowledge are commodi- fied and made available only to those who can afford them, when there is an active erasure of knowledge/memory in relation to colonialism, when our ex- changes are governed by hierarchies, when the laboring body is subsumed in a blanket of invisible reproduction, when we are denied self-determination in how we value and negotiate our time, knowledge, and goods, then what does ex- change and sharing mean and what are their other possibilities?

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