Conspirator in Residence

In June 2017 the Japanese government passed the Conspiracy Act. Another blow to civil rights in a long line of aggressively silencing policies including the Secrets Act and now what is likely to be followed by the Nuisance Act. When it is considered illegal to distribute information which is inconvenient for the government, to gather in planning acts of civil disobedience and even of making noise in protest, then there is reason to be concerned.

Under the force of such authorities we need more conspirators!

At kosaten we warmly welcome those who wish to question the establishment, to challenge existing power structures and to collude in the subversion of dominant world views.

Calling for Conspirators in Residence

Sometimes we need another space.

Another space to think. Another space to dream. Another space to be.

To be with one another.

In a small corner of Zempukuji, Suginami ward, Tokyo, caught on the border of several jurisdictions, there is somewhere that refuses to be one or the other. This intersectional zone welcomes new performative bodies to enact themselves and revel in the evasion of labelling.

Examples of our activities include radio broadcast by “invisible bodies”, discussions led by migrant workers, refugees, hikikomori, sexual minorities etc, sharing of experiences in relation to mental health, sign language lessons, performance workshops, a book club on world literature, lectures on freedom of expression, cooking sessions with migrants, art therapy and space to do nothing but just be!

We are a space in which people of numerous nationalities, ethnic identities, religions, genders, sexualities, (dis)abilities and perspectives come together, welcoming and respecting differences. We hope to create a safe place in which people of plural backgrounds can share in and feel they do not have to be one thing or another, but just be as they are.

We are based in Nishiogikubo, a suburb very close to the city center (just 15 mins by train). This area has a strong identity for its local, independent small-scale businesses, and creative inhabitants. It is also the dwelling of residents who have roots from around the world, in particularly from Nepal and Thailand. The area also boasts the beautiful Zempukuji Park, the large Igusa Hachimangu Shrine, various community spaces and many hidden stories.

Kosaten began its activities in 2015, opening the space to the public every weekend and in this way building a modest community of diverse members. Currently on weekends it is generally unused and we would like to make it accessible to those who are seeking a space outside of the weekends times.

We are therefore calling for collaborators, co-habitants, conspirators to come and join us!

Activists, researchers, film directors, social designers, journalists, social workers, translators, lawyers, writers, hikikomori, and general residents are welcome.

We can provide the space of Kosaten, its library of books, various equipment (projector, screen speakers, printer), free wifi, record collection, kitchen (with oven, microwave and refrigerator).

Kosaten is not equipped as accommodation. Conspirators in residence will have to obtain accommodation elsewhere (which we can help in arranging), but the space can be your base for your work, study, research, engagements, workshops etc. We just ask that you keep the space tidy and make sure that the general kosaten program can use it at weekends.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Period of residence: 2-3 months (please enquire if a longer period is intended)
  2. We would be grateful for a donation towards utilities costs(approx. 5000 yen)
  3. Applications should be made 2 months in advance
  4. Contract will state liability of resident for any damages
  5. The space may be used from 8am to 11pm on weekdays. Usage outside of these times can be negotiated.

Please send your proposals to

*Please include details of how you wish to use the space, what you think you can contribute to kosaten, why your project is relevant to the space and neighborhood. (Applications which do not include these details will not be considered)