thought’s of kosaten

thoughts of kosaten




kosaten is a public space – open to all and created by all



it is a space for plural voices to find an equal platform



it recognizes and welcomes difference but does not want to objectify people for this or consume difference



it extends a safe space to those who feel excluded and vulnerable in wider society



it asks all visitors to keep in mind that the person next to them may be of a different nationality, language, gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, religion, political position etc. to oneself and this can not easily be judged on appearance!



it aims to tackle prejudice and discrimination faced in everyday life



it is a space of mutual support  – for free expression, engaged dialogue and passionate argument




conflict of opinion is welcomed but exclusionary, uni-directional remarks  are not



collisions of ideas are inevitable and not something to run away from – when our values and positions clash we will make time to rigorously debate these differences rather than avoiding disturbance





we will not flinch from difficult questions but will be mindful of the situations and backgrounds of those present when bracing such subjects



it is where our assumptions are challenged and we can gain a different world view



it is a place to share time and space together and to understand each other a little bit more and raise more questions to ourselves



kosaten states its solidarity with refugees, migrant workers, the LGBTQ community, the feminist movement, people with disability, the elderly, hikikomori, homeless and those struggling from oppression




kosaten places value on human relationships and hopes to nurture these relations through its activities



it resists the monetary valuation of relations and seeks to find means outside the capitalist system to share our knowledge and resources, and most importantly our humanity



it is a queered space of intersectionality and contradiction



decision making will be performed as much as possible through discussion and hearing out everyone’s opinion



if someone has a proposal for something they want to do at kosaten then as long as there is one more supporting member then they can realize their idea (but if there is opposition to the idea it will be directed to a decision making process)



everyone is encouraged to speak their mind or feedback their opinion in some form – it is better to say something than leave what you are thinking unsaid



criticism and critical debate are encouraged – but attacking someone personally is not tolerated



kosaten is run through a cooperative – there is no leader – no authority – no ownership – each individual who wishes to contribute to kosaten can do so in dialogue with all other members




A place to confront current issues not just through the knowledge of words and books but through direct encounter and discussion



A place to celebrate living together in contradiction, chaos and confusion.



While Kosaten acknowledges the paradox of plurality which is expressed in the concrete reality of antagonism between differences, it is important to consider that conflict cannot be resolved rationally and morally. There is no such thing as consensus and optimistic equality, however, Kosaten believes that instead of antagonistic enemies there is such thing as agonistic adversaries. Thus, Kosaten nurtures an environment for friendship in dissensus.



Kosaten values decentralization. Each events and activity programmers should manage their own affairs.



Kosaten as a public space is not bound behind the notion of the social which legitimizes hierarchical relations. In contrary, Kosaten is an antisocial space that continues to question transcendent forms of social relations.



Kosaten acknowledges and embodies precarity not to reform or deny it.



Kosaten provides a critical space for us precariats to share our knowledge and experiences. At kosaten, everyone learns together to fight against unhealthy competition and learns how to take care of each other.