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What are the possibilities of dialogue in our daily lives? If we think carefully we might feel that there are only very rare occasions when we actually engage in dialogue and try to understand our own and others’ opinion more deeply. We run the chance to experiment in building such dialogue.

Through a process of trial and error we attempt to open up a space of approaching the “other”, with people of all ages, genders, nationalities, experiences and stances.

●What is dialogue?
Dialogue is different from the chat of conversation, and the authoritative grounds and competitiveness of debate, it is a process of accepting the difference of others, and without being afraid that your own position may change, deepen your thinking through the exchange of speech. Through the realization of  the difference of others’ perspectives your own notions may come to change and new ideas may come to you which you had never imagined before.

●What is dialogue lab?

It is often said we should engage in dialogue, but have we really ever achieved this? We either become enemies or allies, and through fear of damaging our human relations we refrain from sharing our opinion, fear being criticized for having a different opinion, or prevent others from speaking by attacking them as individuals. dialogue lab is an attempt to overcome these obstructive practices and through learning from our mistakes move closer to the possibilities of dialogue.


Founder Yoshiko Sano
Graphic designer.

I grew up with the pressure of such village rules like “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil”, but I realized this allows many problems to continue. I began to form an interest in the patterns of thought associated with Japanese society and hope to change these through challenging towards dialogue.

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