[:ja]Thank You from our Friend from Guinea

We are glad to announce that Kosaten’s friend Mさん, from Guinea, has safely made it back to West Africa. We made an appeal in our last mail magazine for support for his journey and we were so heart-warmed by the generous support of many people, raising 182000 yen in the space of 1 week! We are truly grateful to you. Thanks to your support Mさん could take a flight to West Africa on 25th November and is safe and well. We are of course sad and lonely that our friend had to leave Japan so suddenly but we dearly hope he will have another chance to come back in the future. Here is a message from Mさん himself:

Greetings and thank you very much for your financial support.

The emotion is strong. I understand the strength of being with a community. This motivates me to serve others later. I have learned from my past experiences, good and bad. I found out how resilient is one of my qualities now. Without your support, I would have been left in serious trouble with Japanese laws. I am leaving physically, but my heart will always be with Japan. I learned, received and gave a lot during my stay.
Back in Africa, I promise to engage in noble deeds because desperation has no place.