mouth to mouth

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これからそれぞれの参加者は勉強したい言語を一ヶ月の間自分なり勉強してみて(基本的に初級レベルから)そして次のmouth to mouthで勉強してきたことを共有します。



mouth to mouth multi-language exchange

Korean, Chinese, Ainu, Persian, French, Japanese – just some of the languages we would like to learn at kosaten.
Why not try learning a new language together in a small group? There is no “teacher”, but sharing textbooks and materials together and supporting eachother is more fun than just studying by yourself! As we find a new direction for the mouth to mouth program we invite you to join our multi-language meeting and decide together which languages to study, which books etc. to use and how oftten to meet up. We welcome your thoughts and advice!