mouth to mouth

[:ja]mouthtomouthEnglish is below


これからそれぞれの参加者は勉強したい言語を一ヶ月の間自分なり勉強してみて(基本的に初級レベルから)そして次のmouth to mouthで勉強してきたことを共有します。



mouth to mouth multi-language exchange

Korean, Chinese, Ainu, Persian, French, Japanese – just some of the languages we would like to learn at kosaten.
Why not try learning a new language together in a small group? There is no “teacher”, but sharing textbooks and materials together and supporting eachother is more fun than just studying by yourself! As we find a new direction for the mouth to mouth program we invite you to join our multi-language meeting and decide together which languages to study, which books etc. to use and how oftten to meet up. We welcome your thoughts and advice!


[:en]mouth2English is below
グローバリズムや国際化社会への変化が起きている現在、「そこで通じる言葉」があなたのsurvival skillの1つになるはずです。 そんな中、「mouth to mouth」は日本語の習得を必要とする人と英語の習得を必要とする人が同じ場所に集まり、お互いの言語習得の手助けを行います。 「mouth to mouth」に参加して人と繋がり、コミュニケーションスキルを向上して頂ければ幸いです。

「mouth to mouth 50/50」の進め方



In a world of constant movement and travel, each of one of us has come from somewhere else. As we try to inhabit the new spaces around us a new language is also required as a survival skill. For those settling in Japan there is a need to learn Japanese. For those journeying elsewhere English is also a necessity. In this language exchange series we aim to support both directions of language learning in an informal atmosphere, participants wishing to learn English can bring along an English text, and those wishing to learn Japanese can bring along a Japanese text and we will all read together and try to figure out the meaning. Learning one mouth to another, this is a space to connect as individual and build a new network of communication.

If you are interested to join please contact us!